Fitz Week - Day One: Favorite Moment(s)

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Sherlock recruits the Avengers to stop the Master


- Who needs me this time?
- ……Tumblr. Hiatus has begun and Tumblr is rapidly going insane. Again.

Sherlock + codes

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I’m addicted to Sherlock omg


I’m addicted to Sherlock omg

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Leopold Fitz | Favorite Moment { “That’s the only explanation.” }

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make me choose: @padagirl Samifer or Gadreel!Sam
"We’re two halves made whole. MFEO. Literally.”

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Anonymous asked: I don't remember a map in im2, can you tell me please in which scene it is so i can look out for wakanda next time i watch?


just looked it up because i didn’t remember the specific scene. nick fury has a holographic map showing “hot spots” of activity that has put them on SHIELD’s radar- including wakanda